E.KA.S.K. Plus +

Cretan Basketball Teams Union (EKASK) is the sporting body authorised by the Hellenic Basketball Federation to organise and hold the basketball championships and games in Crete. Simultaneously, EKASK is an active and an integral part of the Cretan society, which is the biggest and the most populous island of Greece and the fifth largest Mediterranean island. According to the philosophy of EKASK, sports should not be distinct from the society and its various problems. Instead, sports can act as a versatile and dynamic “vehicle” than can bring about positive changes for the people, the environment, for the whole planet. Especially in the modern era, this capacity of sports for development and prosperity is topical and required more than ever before.

 Considering the power of sports for positive effect, EKASK agreed on to undertake coordinated and targeted action regarding non-sport issues that concern not only the local, but also the national and international society. This action undertaking reflects on the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations for the Sustainable Development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), that are considered the path that can lead us to a fairer, more peaceful and prosperous world, and to a healthier planet.

  Therefore, EKASK decided to establish a sport for development specialised sector, which is committed to the social, environmental and every relevant action of EKASK. This new sector is entitled “EKASK plus+”, whichillustrates the positive sign and the positive change that EKASK is willing to entrain with its actions in the world. Under the framework of “EKASK plus+” a four-member committee was created, comprised of: Mr. Markakis Charalampos, President of EKASK, Mr. Anifantakis Apostolos and Mr. Kanakis Michael, members of the board of directors, and Mr. Zacharias Stagakis, sports consultant and scientific advisor of EKASK. Actions concerning climate, good health and well-being and gender equality (SDGs number 13, 3 and 5 of the 2030 Agenda) are already on the way, having as a sole purpose to enable Cretan basketball to lay its own stone for a better world.